This is a directory of plugins that interface with spreeder. If you're interested in developing a plugin (extensions for firefox, greasemonkey scripts, etc), let me know!

Browser Plugins


- spreed!

Select text in your web browser and click the spreed! bookmarklet, which will open spreeder in a new browser window with the text preloaded. To install, simply 1) drag the spreed! link to your browser links toolbar or 2) right click on the link and "Bookmark this link..." in Firefox or "Add to favorites..." in IE. Eliminates the copy/paste step!

Opera Search

This will allow you to go to the location bar and type 'sp [text to spreed]' in the location bar of the Opera browser and have it take you to spreeder. Use case: Go to page you want to spreed, Ctrl+A to select all text, Ctrl+C to copy text, Ctrl+L to go to the location bar in Opera, and then type 'sp' and Ctrl+V to paste the text. Hit enter and spreed!

How to implement In Opera, go to Tools and select Preferences. Click on the Search Tab. Select the Add button. Enter 'spreeder' for the Name, Keyword 'sp', and '' for the address. Click on the 'Use Post' checkbox, and then type "passage=%s" as the Query String. Save and you're done!