Spreeder CX can import and accurately convert files with the following extensions.
Now you can speed read content from 46 file types!

  • abw
  • doc
  • docx
  • html
  • lwp
  • md
  • odt
  • pages
  • pages.zip
  • pdf
  • rst
  • rtf
  • sdw
  • tex
  • wpd
  • wps
  • zabw
  • cbc
  • cbr
  • cbz
  • chm
  • epub
  • fb2
  • htm
  • htmlz
  • lit
  • lrf
  • mobi
  • pdb
  • pml
  • prc
  • rb
  • snb
  • tcr
  • txtz
  • key
  • key.zip
  • odp
  • pps
  • ppsx
  • ppt
  • pptm
  • pptx
  • ps
  • sda
  • txt

Maximize Your Reading Potential: Find the Ultimate Speed Reading Course for Rapid Results!

Overwhelmed by too much reading material? Imagine reading faster, comprehending more, and retaining information better. With Spreeder, the ultimate speed reading course, you can achieve this and more.

Why Speed Reading Matters

In today’s fast-paced world, efficient reading is crucial. Speed reading saves time and boosts productivity for students, professionals, and avid readers alike. Mastering speed reading helps you stay ahead of your workload, excel in studies, and enjoy more books.

Introducing Spreeder

Spreeder is a top-rated speed reading app designed to transform your reading habits. Combining scientifically proven techniques with interactive exercises, Spreeder helps you read faster and retain more information.

Key Benefits of Spreeder

1. Read Faster

Spreeder uses Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) to display words in quick succession, boosting your reading speed up to five times.

2. Retain More Information

Memory-enhancing strategies like visualization and mnemonic devices help you retain and recall more of what you read.

3. Improve Comprehension

Spreeder teaches you to read efficiently without sacrificing comprehension, allowing you to grasp key concepts and details quickly.

4. Boost Productivity

By reducing reading time, Spreeder frees up more time for other important tasks, enhancing overall productivity.

What You’ll Learn with Spreeder

Breaking Subvocalization

Minimize subvocalization (silently pronouncing each word), allowing your eyes to move quickly across the text.


Learn to read groups of words at once, significantly increasing your reading speed.

Using Peripheral Vision

Train your eyes to take in more text at a glance, expanding your reading field.

Skimming and Scanning

Develop skills to quickly identify and focus on the most important parts of the text.

Memory Techniques

Enhance your memory and recall with mnemonic devices and visualization strategies.

Real-Life Success Stories

Spreeder users have transformed their reading habits. Students excel in studies, professionals manage workloads better, and avid readers enjoy more books. Spreeder equips you with skills to read faster and retain more, opening new opportunities for growth.

Get Started with Spreeder Today

Don’t let slow reading hold you back. Enroll in Spreeder’s speed reading course to maximize your reading potential. Whether aiming to excel academically, advance in your career, or enjoy more reading, Spreeder provides the tools for rapid results. Download Spreeder now and unlock a more efficient reading experience.