Spreeder CX can import and accurately convert files with the following extensions.
Now you can speed read content from 46 file types!

  • abw
  • doc
  • docx
  • html
  • lwp
  • md
  • odt
  • pages
  • pages.zip
  • pdf
  • rst
  • rtf
  • sdw
  • tex
  • wpd
  • wps
  • zabw
  • cbc
  • cbr
  • cbz
  • chm
  • epub
  • fb2
  • htm
  • htmlz
  • lit
  • lrf
  • mobi
  • pdb
  • pml
  • prc
  • rb
  • snb
  • tcr
  • txtz
  • key
  • key.zip
  • odp
  • pps
  • ppsx
  • ppt
  • pptm
  • pptx
  • ps
  • sda
  • txt

Speed Reading Course: Learn to Read Faster & Improve Comprehension

In today’s information age, we’re bombarded with text – emails, articles, reports – the list goes on. Feeling overwhelmed? What if you could devour information faster and retain more from what you read? Enter the world of speed reading – a superpower that equips you to conquer information overload and unlock a world of knowledge.

This speed reading course isn’t about skimming and sacrificing comprehension. It’s about strategically processing information to become a more efficient and effective reader.

Why Take a Speed Reading Course?

  • Conquer Information Overload: Speed reading allows you to process more information in less time, feeling empowered and in control.
  • Boost Comprehension: Contrary to popular belief, speed reading can actually improve comprehension by teaching you to identify key points and filter out irrelevant details.
  • Save Time: Imagine devouring that lengthy report or assigned reading in a fraction of the time! This frees up valuable time for other pursuits.
  • Enhanced Focus: By training your brain to absorb information quickly, you can improve your overall focus and concentration in other areas of life.

What You’ll Learn in This Speed Reading Course:

  • Dilate Your Eyespan: The average reader focuses on a single word at a time. Our course teaches you to take in groups of words or entire phrases with a single glance, expanding your visual field for faster reading.
  • Minimize Subvocalization: This fancy term simply means the inner voice in your head that “sounds out” the words you read. We’ll help you transition to silent reading, a crucial step for speed reading as subvocalization significantly slows you down.
  • Active Reading Strategies: Don’t be a passive reader! Our course equips you with active reading techniques like asking yourself questions, anticipating upcoming points, and visualizing what you’re reading. This fosters deeper comprehension alongside increased speed.
  • Practice with Paced Readers (Optional): These tools highlight text on a screen at a predetermined speed, forcing your eyes to keep up. We’ll guide you on utilizing paced readers effectively, including a popular option like Spreeder https://www.spreeder.com/, to train your brain for faster processing.

Beyond the Course: Maximizing Your Speed Reading Success

  • Warm Up Your Brain: Before diving in, engage in some light brain exercises or puzzles to prime your cognitive function.
  • Start Slow and Gradually Increase Speed: Don’t try to break world records overnight! Begin with a comfortable reading speed and gradually increase the pace as your skills improve. Consistency is key, so aim for short, focused practice sessions daily.
  • Focus on Comprehension: Remember, speed is just one piece of the puzzle. We’ll teach you to regularly summarize key points or answer questions about the text to ensure you’re retaining information.
  • Take Breaks to Maintain Focus: Avoid mental fatigue! Take short breaks every 15-20 minutes to prevent your focus from fading and allow your brain to process what you’ve read.

Ready to become a master of information? Subscribe to Spreeder today and unlock a world of knowledge at lightning speed!