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Are You Ready for Windows 8?

The latest innovation by Microsoft, Windows 8, brings in an extensive range of 300 and above features and is advertised as the biggest change bought by the organization within its operating systems since Windows 95. The drastic changes within the OS mean that existing users are able to realize benefits in terms of higher speed and better security options. However, considerable time will be required to adjust to the new features presented by Windows 8. Here is a list of top five features within Windows 8 that are significantly different when compared to the older versions of the OS.

Home Screen

The traditional start up menu has been replaced by a more contemporary Home Screen in which icons have been replaced with tiles. These tiles are responsible for displaying live information without the need for user to click on the relevant tile. The user interface can be accessed through a touch screen system on tablets or with the help of mouse/keyboard on PC and laptops.

Charms Replacing Start Up Button

The conventional start bar has now been replaced with Charms in Windows 8. Individual applications can be configured with the help of these sliding sidebar options. Charms can be accessed through swiping on the tablet or by pointing the mouse at the bottom-left corner of the home screen. Charm options include settings, devices, share, search and start. The start option enables the user to return back to the home screen, and the devices option displays the number of devices that are connected. The share option is primarily designed to display shared applications within the social networking sites.

Multi Tasking

Multi Tasking is made possible within Windows 8 because two applications can be shown simultaneously on the screen. Users can switch between the applications or resize the screen based on their own preference. Swiping from the left hand of the screen will allow you to switch between applications while the application bar can be dragged to resize the application. However, Windows 8 does not enable a user to view all the applications that are running on the screen.

Automatic Repair

Windows 8 offers its users automatic repair option that allows the system to diagnose the problem and revive an unbootable system. In case the OS is suffering from a serious problem, the automatic repair can be initiated from Windows 8 Recovery Drive.

Touch Keyboards

Windows 8 offers a touch screen keyboard for users that are using the operating system on a touch device. Users can simply tap in the typing area and the keyboard will appear on the screen. Apart from the touch keyboard, Windows 8 offers On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) that displays a virtual keyboard on the screen. Data can be entered either by pointing the mouse or through an input device.

Microsoft has made efforts to enhance the speed and accuracy of typing by including an option that suggests words as the typist types. Users can click on the suggested word to select it. Furthermore, a spell checker is also provided and the keyboard can automatically be modified according to the language that you choose within the settings.

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