Spreeder CX can import and accurately convert files with the following extensions.
Now you can speed read content from 46 file types!

  • abw
  • doc
  • docx
  • html
  • lwp
  • md
  • odt
  • pages
  • pages.zip
  • pdf
  • rst
  • rtf
  • sdw
  • tex
  • wpd
  • wps
  • zabw
  • cbc
  • cbr
  • cbz
  • chm
  • epub
  • fb2
  • htm
  • htmlz
  • lit
  • lrf
  • mobi
  • pdb
  • pml
  • prc
  • rb
  • snb
  • tcr
  • txtz
  • key
  • key.zip
  • odp
  • pps
  • ppsx
  • ppt
  • pptm
  • pptx
  • ps
  • sda
  • txt

How to use Speed Reading Software

When you first start working with a speed reading software, especially one of the more complex ones like 7 Speed Reading, you might be a little worried about where to begin. Well, most softwares have special beginners modules and a training schedule to help you out, but I’ll be going over how to use speed reading software in detail right here in this article. Generally speaking, most software that you’ll come across that train you in speed reading use a few different methods to achieve their aim. These are the methods, below…

  • Eliminating Bad Reading Habits
  • Training the eyes to Physically read more Efficiently
  • Training your Comprehension of what you Read
  • Training Assimilation and Memory

There may be other aspects of a particular software that are not covered here, but these are the basic aspects that any good software should cover. So what do you start with first. Why, with eliminating bad reading habits, of course. Not only will it be more hard to learn good reading habits if you don’t first eliminate the bad ones, but you’ll also find that if you have some bad reading issues like sub-vocalization and re-reading, that simply eliminating them can add a surprising amount of speed to your reading.

Then you go on to the physical training. At this point you shouldn’t worry too much about whether you properly comprehend and remember the text – just train for the maximum possible speed that you can attain. As a matter of fact, many experts recommend that you should train at pure speed reading for at least a month or perhaps even two, before you go on to training your understanding of speed-read material. This way, what happens is that you become used to speed reading, and as you become used to it, it becomes an easy and natural part of the way you function. What I mean by this is that you will learn to speed read as your ‘natural’ and chosen method of reading, and if you keep practicing, it will become a permanent part of how you read.

Once you have the physical aspects of reading fast perfect, you can go on to training the understanding of the speed-read material. This, of course, is crucially important, and a software that doesn’t cover this isn’t worth buying. As a matter of fact, you definitely should check before buying a software if it has exercises for this. In any case, a month of training at comprehension should, if you have already mastered the physical aspects before, put you into an expert category where speed reading is concerned, and easily give you around a thousand words a minute of reading speed at least.

Finally, you can, if your software covers these areas, go on to train Retention and Memory. The softwares that cover these areas are very few, but some do exist, like 7 Speed Reading, among one or two others. If your software doesn’t cover these areas, you’ll have to take a separate course in memory enhancing techniques, or read up on how to train your memory in conjunction with speed reading on the net.

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