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Learn English With These Books Without Making a Hole on Your Pocket

Learning English is now made easy with the wide range of resources available over the internet. Initially, the valuable resources that taught the necessary English grammar and spelling knowledge tended to be priced fairly high, making it impossible for people on a budget (such as students) to easily purchase them. However, with the passage of time, the rising level competition in the market, and the availability of e-reading material means that books have become more competitively priced, making it easier for individuals to learn English without straining their budget. Here is a list of five books that provide the necessary English spelling and grammar knowledge while being cost effective.

Essential Grammar in Use with Answers: A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Elementary Students of English

Raymond Murphy (Author)

This grammar book is highly recommended by teachers and professionals and is described as a complete guide towards learning the basics of English grammar. The latest third edition has been updated and now offers more exercises and learning material for readers. The book is also known for its clarity and easy language that allows students and learners to absorb the information quickly. The book also contains answers to exercises, which mean that learners that wish to study on their own will find no difficulty. Lastly, a summary is also included within the book that highlights all the key grammar rules, making it ideal for a quick revision and review.

Advanced Grammar in Use with Answers [Paperback]

Martin Hewings (Author)

This book is specifically designed for students that are at an advanced stage of learning English. The latest version focuses on the technicalities present within the English language and allows advanced learners to grasp the underlying concepts with greater clarity. A section of the book also focuses on basic grammar thereby allowing students to review previous concepts before studying any further. The book is an ideal resource for self studying as the clarity of language and availability of answers mean that little or no help is required.

Improve Your Spelling in English: Materials for Learning and Teaching – Students’ Workbook

Meryl Wilkins (Author)

This comprehensive guide is ideal for students and teachers that are seeking to discover strategies that can significantly accelerate the spelling learning process. The book includes a range of exercises that focuses on various areas within English vocabulary and allows learners to focus on learning strategies that target different aspects of spelling.

Basic Spelling

Michael Temple (Author)

This book is specifically designed for learners that are at the “beginner” stage of learning spelling. The book highlights a range of words and letter combinations that are frequently misspelled and focuses upon words that are commonly used in communication. The book is highly recommended for anyone that initially wishes to target their personal area of weakness and practice from an array of exercises that focuses on an extensive range of words in common use.

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