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Should You Speed Read Fifty Shades of Grey?

Even if you avoid social media, commercials, and even reading the newspaper, it’s highly likely that by now you know that “Fifty Shades of Grey” refers to more than a set of paint samples for your house.

We might resort to a cliché here in describing the book as “sensational” but there’s really not a better word to encompass the phenomenon. It’s different, it’s sexy. In fact it’s a bit more than sexy, with a definite kinky side – one that perhaps everyone has but is reluctant to reveal. But, E.L.  James dared to reveal all, and she was generously rewarded!

With the trilogy being over 1,500 pages long, who really has the time to read it cover to cover? Despite all the hype surrounding it, that’s a lot of time to devote to one set of books. Here’s where some self-indulgent thoughts begin to creep in; why not speed read it and only slow down on those spicy hot pages to devour all the creativity and imagination (let’s call it that) those scenes has been written with? Seems valid, right?

Well, as with all great dilemmas, we might have to resort to an advantages/disadvantages list. It’s inevitable and you know it.

You should read it the conventional way because:

  • Speed reading can’t possibly allow you to properly and thoroughly enter this Grey world. It might be nothing more than a romance—with some erotica on the side— but the characters are quite complicated and they deserve a little bit of your time to properly unveil themselves.
  • You will finish the trilogy feeling unsatisfied and as if something is missing. The story line will seem unfamiliar, the characters not quite full-blown, the plot a blur. Need we say more?
  • Speed reading just doesn’t really work for literature or fiction. It might be great for online content and standardized documents, but when it comes to literature, the old way is the best way.
  • Respect for the author! Fiction of high quality is definitely worth your time. How else can you appreciate those innuendos, the imagery, the themes and twists that make fiction such a marvelous creative expression?

Just speed read it already!

  • You must join the Grey-scussion really soon. You don’t want to be the only person within a 100-mile radius who hasn’t read the books!
  • Yes, it’s literature, but the writer is no Jane Austen. Speed reading it will allow you to have the best of both worlds: enjoy the juicy parts and still have time to do other things than drool over Mr Grey’s awesomeness.
  • Speed reading is not something you put on autopilot. You can vary your speed depending on where you are in the book and the plot, and still save lots of time while enjoying it.
  • You can always speed read it again, if you must (and still do it in less time than someone would when reading it at a normal pace.)

So what’s it going to be? Is Mr Grey worthy of your time, devotion and mindfulness? Or could he spare you the details and give you what really matters?

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