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Skills to Learn Today So You Still Have A Job Tomorrow

The cut-throat market competition due to globalization, the move towards outsourcing, and the need to maintain profitability in times of recession and spiking inflation means that many organizations have adopted cost-cutting measures. This simply means that employers are no longer interested in potential employees that are unable to add value to the organization. Having outdated skills and not being technologically updated can result in losing your job.

Even if you do not face the threat of losing a job, having the latest skills will ensure that you are easily able to climb up the career ladder. Here is a list of the top five skills that you must possess in order to earn your bread and butter well into the future.

Keyboarding Skills

Blue collar jobs mostly involve the use of computer for the performance of work related tasks. This means that an employee must not only know how to use a computer but must also be proficient in typing. Knowing how to type with speed and accuracy like the techniques being taught in Ultimate Typing can allow you to enhance your productivity levels. Furthermore, the technological evolution means that keyboarding skills will continue to add value to your resume for years to come, especially if you are aiming for the white-collar management jobs that bring in more money.

Computational Thinking

The amount of data available for evaluation and analysis is likely to increase drastically with the passage of time and this means an opening of job opportunities that require computational thinking in order to sort out the information and make it usable. Individuals must be familiar with the basic of programming that will enable them to successfully manipulate information within the business environment. Simulations and statistical analysis of data using computers is likely to become a core area of expertise for individuals that are involved in decision making in an organization.

New-Media Literacy

The rapid changes within media mean that the workplace interactions are likely to be dominated by podcasts, blogs, and videos. The typical approaches towards communication in the past, including PowerPoint presentations, are likely to be replaced with new user-generated media. Employers will expect their employees to be able to produce this form of content and be able to evaluate and analyze any information communicated through this form of media.

Situational Adaptability

Recent statistics indicate a rise in jobs that require individuals to think in a novel way and adapt to changing situations. High technology and well paid jobs have increased dramatically along with low skills and low salary paid jobs, including personal services and food providers. Off shoring and automation means that there is a high demand for individuals that can think and react to environmental changes in a proactive manner rather than following canned solutions.

Cross Cultural Skills

Globalization means the expansion of an organization beyond geographical boundaries, and this often signifies a change within organizational structures. The importance of having linguistic skills cannot be overemphasized in this situation, especially in an organization that offers a diverse cultural environment. Studies suggest that in the future, employees will be highly valued if they have the ability to communicate goals to their team members and drive change successfully while setting aside cultural differences.

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