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The Best Thing To Do Every Weekend: Invest in Yourself

We spend the entire work week eagerly waiting for the weekend – but then we spend the weekend doing absolutely nothing, or at least nothing constructive. If you’re one of the people who falls into this category and who misuses the possibilities these two-day break offers, keep reading! Of course you need rest and sleep to make up for the crazy week that just passed, but finding a way to squeeze few self-improving activities into the weekend will be worthwhile in the long-term. Come to think about it, you have 52 weekends (counting both a Saturday and a Sunday) to achieve great things. That’s 52 opportunities for improvement, and it’s all possible if you set your mind to it.

•    Perfecting an old skill or habit

It’s never too late to refine a skill or take a hobby a bit more seriously. If it’s something you really love, you will find the motivation and impetus to make it happen.

•    Time management

One of the most frustrating characteristics of modern life is that we lead too-busy lives (or have really poor time management skills). There are many ways in which you can improve how you manage your time and how much you can achieve in specific time periods. We’re not talking multitasking, but something entirely different. For instance, if you learn to speed read, you can save hours of reading time without sacrificing content comprehension or information retainment. So yes, time management boils down to time-efficient skill development.

•    Unleashing your creativity

How-to guides on the Internet are a modern and very well-known trend. You can find many quality instructional videos and how-to articles for just about anything. Lifehacker, Instructables, How Stuff Works and eHow are only a few of the great online sources for absorbing knowledge and mastering practical skills.

•    Learning ravenously

Make it your life’s mission to gather quality, useful knowledge. We have access to such insane amounts of information, it would be a shame not to at least try to take in some of the best of it.

•    Helping others

I know, it sounds so maddeningly clichéd that you almost zone out each time you hear “help others, volunteer” but it is nonetheless one of the greatest investments you can make during your weekends. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a shelter, at a community or a charity club. Help those next to you, a neighbor, your partner, your dad. Giving help and your services unconditionally is very rewarding, teaching you the importance of philanthropy and empathy.

Whether you choose to try a few of the things mentioned here, or have ideas of your own, what matters is that you find the most fitting weekend investments for yourself. If you think about it, you never vividly remember those weekends you slept in and dragged yourself from couch to bed all day watching TV show marathons, you remember those mini mountain excursions, that unplanned picnic, and of course that Sunday you decided to see what that language programming seminar really was all about. Make the most of your time, and get the most out of your life!

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