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5 Best Sites To Learn Anything For Free

The analogy between time available and information awaiting our acknowledgement of them is disproportionate. However, we shouldn’t use this as an excuse for perpetuating our poor knowledge of the world surrounding us. The Internet no matter how many evils is accused of generating, it can be a quality resource of useful knowledge.

As more universities join the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) trend, the availability, sheer amount and quality of knowledge on offer will only improve. A few years back the knowledge available online was scarce and its quality unverifiable or uncertain. However, today we are fortunate enough to have free access to unprecedented amounts of information or knowledge pertaining to any possible matter, topic or field.

1.    Ted-ed Lessons Worth Sharing

TED is mostly known for its exquisitely interesting speakers and even more astonishing insights enriching the WWW. TED is now also providing lessons which also contribute to the mission of TED in spreading new ideas. TED offers curated videos of educational nature that are fun to watch as they’re created by top-notch educators and animation specialists

Apart from the video’s one gets to watch, TED-ed also allows users to create their own educational videos and have an impact on the learning community themselves.

2.     Class Central

Think of all the top university courses in a single website, that’s Class Central, an online course aggregator with lectures and lessons from Stanford, MIT, Harvard and many other top universities in the US and Europe. The online courses are completely free and one can simultaneously follow more than one course.

3.    Edx

A nonprofit company founded by MIT and Harvard University in a shared effort to provide interactive, free and high quality courses to learners from around the world. The courses on offer are particularly known for their interactivity, quality and learning experience that offer to learners.

The only profit the Edx makes is to collect data on how technology is in the process of overhauling the learning paradigm at an academic level and beyond.

4.    SkillShare: Learn Differently

SkillShare is one of its kind learning platform in which people get to share their skills with others in a common effort to spread their knowledge and so more people will acquire these skills. From branding, photography, entrepreneurship and design skills, you can literally find thousands of skills you could hone or master. It’s a skill teaching and sharing platform allowing people no matter their geographical location to have access to invaluable skills and knowledge. As SkillShare itself states, it’s about real people sharing real-world skills.


This online learning platform focuses on creative disciplines and courses, mostly photography, video and design, software development and business startups. CreativeLIVE targets individuals in creative or artistic professions as well as those in entrepreneurial ones, its goal being the dissemination of creative knowledge and skills.

Its underlying mission is to provide valuable knowledge on channeling creativity in whichever field one specializes in and unveil the potential this newly found creativity offers. CreativeLIVE instructors are leading, awarded professors, authors and creative professionals from around the world.

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