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Music, A Tool For Better Productivity

We tend to associate music with going out, clubbing, restaurant background music, or a relaxing Sunday afternoon at home. We rarely associate music with work, as we tend to think of it as a distracting nuisance. However, this is far from truth: the right genre of music can actually boost productivity and even increase our momentum to work past our productivity plateau. That’s the magic of music.

Since in our minds music and pleasure are closely related, when we incorporate music into less pleasurable tasks (i.e. at the office, lab, or study room) we adopt the feel-good vibe music provides, which ultimately translates into a boost in productivity or a more refreshed approach towards an already tiring and tiresome task.

Music apparently allows us to transfer all the positive emotions and moods caused by listening to it, wherever and whenever the music plays. It doesn’t matter (much) whether you listen to your favorite jazz music at a retro jazz bistro, or at your desk, because the emotions it stirs in you will still be the same. While in the club you’d be dancing and moving to the rhythm, at your desk this energy translates from the physical to the mental, boosts your working pace, and lets you finish up a task much earlier! Music positively impacts our mood and emotional state, and fortunately this ability is transferable. It’s not only limited to specific situations (clubbing, hotel lounges, restaurants) but applies to almost any type of location or space we find ourselves in.

Numerous studies have shown how music is beneficial for work-related productivity. Should you or your manager use background music at the office, make sure to opt for instrumental music, as lyrics or the latest music hits tend to have the exact opposite effect on productivity and concentration.

The most significant benefits you can expect to gain from listening to background music while you work include the following:

  • Your mood tends to become more positive. You’re more likely to gain a fresh and possibly even better perspective on the task at hand, or come up with solutions or better ways to tackling it.
  • It boosts your morale and your confidence as it floods your brain with feel-good stimuli, making it much easier for you to tackle complicated tasks.
  • Even if you have no substantial productivity boost, you will get to feel a bit happier, which is still pretty significant!
  • Tasks such as touch typing or speed reading a report are done with an accelerated rhythm thanks to the boost music gives you.
  • It pumps up your energy and motivation to finish a difficult task you’ve been avoiding and postponing that has been haunting you for some time now.
  • Slow-tempo music near the closing of your work day will help you relax and provide a sense of serenity and fulfillment after a thoroughly productive day. It’s a self-rewarding kind of present you can give to yourself daily.

It’s free and easy. It’s one of the most efficient ways you can instantly boost your mood at work. It gives you a sense of pleasure and companionship, motivating you to work harder, or at least with not so much negativity!

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