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Google Now for your desktop. Coming soon.

Google Now is a much-awaited mobile application that should prove to be a major convenience for Android smartphone users. The latest news from the Google frontier suggests that it won’t be long before Google Now is fully developed and supported as a desktop application for Windows OS.

What is Google Now?

The intuitive and actually quite intelligent Google Now application gathers data points and arranges them logically based on the user’s frequent input so that it strategically provides the user with notifications on all the important things worth knowing or remembering: traffic has cleared up along your route home, you need to stop by the cupcake store to buy a box of goodies for the office, you need to make that bank call to fix an account inconsistency. It’s all there in Google Now.

The exciting news for Windows users

New developments at the Android Google headquarters say that Google Chrome, the popular browser by the search engine giant, will acquire a similar application or extension that will serve the same function, to help people efficiently organize their lives around things of significance and priority. It is expected that the mobile Google Now will soon have its desktop counterpart, a stand-alone desktop application that will serve the same functions like Google Now for Android.

What features does Google Now support?

Google Now uses displays that pop up on smartphones and remind you about things like hotels deals, the weather, travel and traffic, restaurant reservations and other happenings you need to attend. By using other Google services like Gmail and Google Calendar, the Google Now application makes busy lives less stressful and more streamlined.

What does the Google desktop application really mean then?

For those office-bound, Google Now (or whatever they choose to call the desktop version) will be a central, stand-alone notification program that will gather all the information a user chooses to provide it with (local events, flights and hotel reservations, boarding pass times, news, next scheduled meetings) and give prompt, relevant reminders. It’s essentially a personal assistant that smartly and intuitively provides relevant information in a timely and discreet manner.


Of course, there are various types of personal assistant applications out there already, but Google Now seems to be the most comprehensive and high-quality to date, especially for people making use of many Google services. Its efficiency stems primarily from the extensive life aspects it touches upon.

It’s a virtual personal assistant that’s smart and perceptive. Consequently, living life comes to the foreground again, leaving all the tedious time management to Google Now. All the user needs to do is follow the prompts, get instantly informed, and be much more efficient without having to track every little detail.


One of the major advantages of Google Now is that by keeping you on top of your responsibilities and tasks, it also keeps stress at bay. Busy lives often mean huge amounts of stress and anxiety. Being organized gives you peace of mind and a sense of control over whatever needs to be done. If you consistently manage your life effortlessly, your stress levels will drop.


If Google Now does in fact become a Chrome extension or a desktop application on its own, this will drastically enhance productivity rates. You will have a personal assistant that unfailingly prompts you with all the information required for your next task, and you’ll have everything you need to act quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

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