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What’s Wrong? 3 Mistakes You May Be Making, And Why You’re Not Getting Hired

Recession and the resultant lack of jobs might not be the only reason that your resume gets rejected every time you apply for your “dream job.” Mistakes made by potential employees can also result in a lower probability of landing their perfect job. Handing in a professional resume and applying for jobs that meet your qualifications can allow you to substantially reduce the chances of rejection. Here are the three fatal mistakes that you might be making during the job application process, and suggestions on how you can rectify them.

An Unprofessional Resume

An unprofessional resume is one that is written in an informal tone and includes an overly-comprehensive profile that lists every little detail of everything that you have done in the past. Adopting an overconfident and arrogant tone within the resume is also a mistake. Finally, writing in the first person mode (saying “I” too often) can drastically reduce the chances of getting hired – save that for the cover letter.

Your resume must contain a “value proposition” that is designed to capture the attention of the employers and compel them to hire you. You must ensure that you list all your major accomplishments and successes to date while also conveying the ways you can make a difference within the organization, being confident but not critical of the company. However, make it short and to the point. Do remember that every word that you write counts, and therefore each word should add value to your resume. Don’t forget that your vocabulary needs to be well chosen, both within the resume and also during the interview, so that the correct first impression is made. This might initially require you to improve your vocabulary so that your potential employer is impressed with your verbal and written skills.

Seeking Jobs that Are Not Meant for You

Different jobs have different requirements, and you must apply for jobs that require the skills and competencies that you posses. Many companies ignore applicants who apply for jobs that require a qualification or skill that they do not possess, even if the candidate expresses a willingness to be trained.

The standard job application process requires you to initially identify the skills and qualifications that you possess, and then to identify the organizations that are currently seeking employees with such skills. However, it must be remembered that while you can probably not acquire a certification within a short span of time, you can acquire certain skills with relative ease that can add value to your resume, such as typing faster. Furthermore, some organizations might have other requirements, such as a presence on social networking sites, and this can be achieved with relative ease as well.

Providing False Information

Providing false information during the interview or job application process can severely reduce the chances of getting hired. In case you do not possess a certain skill or do not have the desired experience, it is recommended that you address the problem directly rather than bluff it. Being honest can sometimes result in your getting the desired job if you are able to convey to the recruiters that you will be able to demonstrate the desired competency level through ongoing training and hard work.

If you do not possess a certain skill that is critical to the performance of the job, then it is recommended that you do not apply for that job right away. Instead, put your effort into developing skills that are currently valuable in the job market.

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