Spreeder CX can import and accurately convert files with the following extensions.
Now you can speed read content from 46 file types!

  • abw
  • doc
  • docx
  • html
  • lwp
  • md
  • odt
  • pages
  • pages.zip
  • pdf
  • rst
  • rtf
  • sdw
  • tex
  • wpd
  • wps
  • zabw
  • cbc
  • cbr
  • cbz
  • chm
  • epub
  • fb2
  • htm
  • htmlz
  • lit
  • lrf
  • mobi
  • pdb
  • pml
  • prc
  • rb
  • snb
  • tcr
  • txtz
  • key
  • key.zip
  • odp
  • pps
  • ppsx
  • ppt
  • pptm
  • pptx
  • ps
  • sda
  • txt

Guide To 7 Speed Reading Software

People have had the ability to read quickly for centuries, but it was not until shortly after the Second World War that the term Speed-Reading came into being. Schoolteacher Evelyn Wood coined the phrase after discovering the technique accidentally when witnessing the remarkable speed with which her university professor was marking her 80-page term paper. Mrs Wood went on to found the first school for speed-reading in 1968, and ever since then the technique has proved a useful, and popular method for increasing one’s ability to digest, and assimilate information.

Now, in 2010, the principles connected to learning to read quickly have been expanded, enhanced, and made exciting by pioneering company eReflect, which has taken speed-reading to a whole new level with its’ 7 Speed Reading computer software.

Of all the products on the market, 7 Speed Reading delivers the most comprehensive package currently available. Adopting a step-by-step approach, eReflect have built in more than just a few activities that have to be completed solo by the student. Instead, the student gets a full set of 15 modules that combine personalized video training with powerful tutorials.

The 7 Speed Reading ‘Step-By-Step Module’ features an expert tutor who guides the student every step of the way on the journey of speed-reading self-discovery. First a concept is explained. Then the program sets a specially-designed scientific task, and then the tutor will take the student by the hand to the next process.

For instance, the tutor will explain the habit of subvocaliztion, how one can reduce it, and how it’s slowing down ones reading. The tutor will then introduce a computer-based exercise to eliminate the subvocaliztion, explaining exactly what to do.

The Step-By-Step Module sets an exercise, and once that exercise is completed produces a result measuring the increase in reading speed. The 7-Speed-Reading program records the detailed data of the student’s performance in the activity, and then adjusts the learning parameters for maximum benefit. The tutor then introduces, and explains a further exercise on the road to faster reading.

7-Speed Reading is the only program around at the moment that has the ability to train people in all the areas required for true reading potential to be reached, and enjoyed to the maximum.

The areas covered are: Subvocalization, which aims to eliminate the habit of saying words in your head; Regression, to avoid going back over words you have just read; Fixation Expansion which explains how to recognize large chunks of words together; Eye Muscle Fitness, a training program to help keep your eye fit, and healthy; Full Brain Utilization, which enable the student to train the brain to take in, process, and retain information quickly, and efficiently; Optic-Nerve Maximization, which optimises the path between the eyes, and the brain; Information Processing, exercises to speed the rate at which the brain processes new information; Memory, a range of skills to be learned that produces an almost photographic memory; and Comprehension, a range of tasks to help the student reach up to 98% comprehension even when reading at 3-10 times their original speed.

Speed-reading has been around for over 50 years, and now thanks to eReflect it looks like it will be around for many years to come…only better than before.

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