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Home-Based Businesses That Are Always In Season

Technology and the Internet have made home-based businesses a tangible reality for many stay-at-home mums. If the cut-throat corporate world doesn’t quite fit with your personality and sensibilities, you can create your own job opportunities from home.

Whether it’s a home-based start-up catering business, or a freelance typing job, there are currently plenty of options to choose from.

Call Center Agent

The requirements are usually limited but generally include verbal fluency, a headset, and a quiet home office or room. The working hours are flexible and pay can be weekly or monthly. Also, the pay can be either per hour or per talk minute depending on your contract.


A typing business is a surefire start when it comes to building any home-based business. Skills required are good English skills, typing accuracy and speed, sound research skills, and experience if the transcription project is technical (e.g. medical, financial).


Why not put your exceptional English language skills to good use? Freelance and telecommute jobs for technical writers, resume writers and other writing niches abound. The more specialized your knowledge is on a specific issue, the higher the pay.

Over the last decade or so, the Internet has been creating a parallel world and an unprecedentedly vast discourse in virtually every industry, so it’s rather easy to help small businesses jump on the Internet bandwagon and increase visibility and sales.

Blogger/Freelance Professional

Blogging is another home-based option that’s still a robust trend in the home-run business industry. Let the world know of your passion, skill or talent through a blog or website. If your talent or skills are worthwhile, before you know it companies and other bloggers will be asking you to guest blog at their blogs or give you opportunities to financially take advantage of your expertise either through advertising or other marketing opportunities.

Web designers, web programmers, graphic designers, and translators are but a few of the skilled professionals who are putting their skills and expertise in good use by starting their own home-based business collaborating with small businesses, institutions and other organizations.


Whether you’re a teacher of English as a Second Language, a Math instructor with a PhD, or a Yoga trainer, you can use your hobbies, knowledge and education to make money from home.

Advertise your services in a blog or a job board online, detailing your expertise, experience and other technical aspects such as the learning medium you use (online, face to face), the class location (your home, a public park) and so on.

Virtual Assistant

Another service you can offer to other businesses is becoming a virtual assistant, taking over a wide range of administrative tasks including handling correspondence and calls, updating business social media and website content, managing appointments, and data entry.

Creative Services Business

Art, photography, catering, vintage e-stores, crafts, and “green” products are ways you can earn extra money without leaving the comfort of your home. Utilize a talent or art you’ve learned by promoting it through an e-commerce site, or a third party promotional marketplace.

These are time-tested home-based business ideas that you can consider for yourself, and they can allow you to earn a substantial monthly income. Perseverance, willingness to improve and professionalism are the three aspects of home-based businesses that will get you to a competitive, high-quality service level.

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