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How Twitter Can Help Make You A Better Person And A Successful Professional

Twitter has astonishing potential that most of us never even think about. Used correctly, it can be your tool for growing into a better person. When you take advantage of its networking potential, it can contribute in advancing your career, too.

Friendly, Democratic, Interaction-Based Model Of Communication

Twitter lets you initiate or participate in trending discussions. What’s extraordinary about Twitter is that everyone can equally participate in a discussion and get back an assortment of different perspectives and interpretations on any given matter.

This plurality of voices is a crucial aspect of self-development. By exposing you to different views, including those that are often contradictory to your own opinions, these exchanges nurture your empathy and cultivate your tolerance. This is a type of emotional intelligence we often overlook.

Critical Thinking And Learning

Twitter is used for sharing what’s considered “share-worthy” – whether “worthy” means funny, inspirational, educational, or relevant. By following experts, self-improvement professionals and anyone else you admire or find helpful, the items that appear on Twitter will give you instant access to worthwhile resources for advancing your professional life and enhancing your personal one.

For instance, if you wish to learn HTML you can follow on Twitter professionals in the field to find your way to the best HTML classes and online courses and get recommendations on the best course of action. You can use Twitter to access virtually any type of learning, no matter if that’s a skill, a language, or an art.

Inspiration, Motivation, Support

Self-growth and goal realization requires a constant flow of inspiration, positivity, and support. Twitter is a potentially unlimited venue of pick-me-up resources. Follow a personal growth coach, a successful entrepreneur in the industry of your interest, anyone who already has what you’re after. They will offer you valuable insights and advice on how you can make your own dream come true.

Expand Your Learning Network

Why limit yourself to the friends, colleagues, family and extended network of acquaintances, when Twitter can offer you a chance to connect with experts and individuals who’ve made it to the top in their field?

Use Twitter to reach people you’d probably never meet in person. Ask them questions and benefit from a chat with them. Learn about their success habits and see how their wisdom can help you avoid certain risks, make smarter moves, and ultimately achieve your goals.

Develop Self-Awareness

Social media can become a tool we abuse in order to satisfy our needs for acknowledgment and applause. With Twitter, however you can concentrate on inspection and introspection, and re-focus.

Participating in Twitter chats lets you direct your gaze to things other than your immediate reality, it pushes you to challenge your views. It offers you the opportunity to critically evaluate your mindset, life approach and success plans through the simple action of hearing out what others say and believe.

Be The First To Know

The compactness and minimalism of Twitter makes it easier to be on top of new developments in the issues that concern you. Twitter is a must-use tool for announcing new releases, events, and even educational courses. With Twitter you’re the first to know about the latest approach to achieving a strong sense of self-worth or how to become more assertive professionally without putting off people.


Most people tend to jump right into asserting their own expertise, be it a skill or profession. It’s best that you first test the scene and get something out of it, before starting to use it to teach, learn and influence others.

Use Twitter to promote your own blog or work, to show off your skills and talents and share your experiences of trying to attain professional and personal fulfillment.

People are more likely to engage with you if you are actively interested in sharing, discussing and creatively addressing issues that concern them. This will help you substantially in your efforts to become a better person and a professional.

Twitter can be your go-to social media platform for tips, techniques and insights as to how to achieve professional and personal development. No other social media platform offers such a level of instant, direct connection. Twitter, more than any other social media network, offers a greater chance of having your questions answered.

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