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Improve Your PR Content Writing In Five Easy Steps

Online content helps improve user engagement on social media platforms, remind consumers of your presence, authority and relevancy, and boost sales and profits – when done correctly.

Writing promotional public relations (PR) content for social media, blogs, websites, and other marketing purposes has its own set of rules you will have to follow. Apart from style, language, and other tips, there are practical parameters you need to adopt to instantly improve your PR-related content writing. We share 5 of them in this article.

Be alert and rested but not hyped.

Coffee is good, don’t get me wrong. But depending on caffeine to brainstorm ideas and create engaging copy is a deal with the devil.

You don’t want to grow dependent on (I decided to avoid the phrase “addicted to”) caffeine, because any level of productivity that depends solely on chemical stimulation is at best an erratic one. Instead, get up from your desk and stretch every 20 minutes, hydrate regularly, and take brief walks around the office to get the blood and ideas flowing. Caffeine is overrated.

Immerse yourself in inspiration.

Sitting at the same desk day after day will eventually have a toll on your writing, which will end up stale and derivative, just like your unchanging surroundings. To spice up your writing and give it more impact, amp up the “new” factor. Sit in the lobby with your laptop, go to an empty meeting room, or go up on the rooftop to write. Whatever breaks your routine will be enough to activate more innovative and imaginative writing.

Check your email often

You didn’t believe I’d actually say that, did you? But when I say “often” I mean “only on a regular schedule.” You don’t need to click every thirty seconds to see if you have new messages – that’s just procrastination. When you set a schedule for checking into the computer, you’ll keep yourself from being distracted.

Keep all electronic distractions away. Switch off your phone, sign out of social media, block the tempting websites you’ve visited so often. You know the drill. The fewer distractions you’re struggling with, the more relaxed and prolific you’ll be. If you know you have important messages coming in, set your timer to check every hour, but no more often.

Cultivate your empathy

Marketing has many principles you should follow, but only one is timeless and overlaps all mediums.

The most important principle is learning to really understand your audience and give them what they’re after. In other words, to empathize with them. Online marketing is different from conventional marketing in some ways, but you still need to listen to your audience, understand their concerns, fears, and desires, and, through your PR writing, deliver a message that resonates with them.

Get more emotionally intelligent and you will increase your social sensitivity. You will be able to grasp what lies beneath what’s being said and what people actually starve for.

This will help you deliver PR writing that will emotionally resonate with your audience and make them more eager to hear you out.

Give it the time it deserves

Sure, you have many other urgent tasks to handle, and spending 3 hours on a blog post seems like a luxury no one can afford, especially you. If you want PR writing that converts clients and increases sales, however, you need to give content the attention and time it deserves.

If it sounds impossible, go for quality instead of quantity. Post less often, but make sure when you do post, it’s something that is worthwhile. Each post you publish needs to provide answers to people, food for thought, or a new viral video to share with friends. Quality will never let you down, so devote ample time to your PR writing. Don’t regard it as an unimportant task, because it won’t pay off.

To recap, don’t depend on caffeine to keep you going, avoid as many distractions as possible, change your environment often, immerse yourself in inspiring contexts, and don’t ever take writing too lightly.


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